$1 per fish or $25 per school of fish

Adopt A Salmon

30,000 Coho Salmon are up for adoption! Adopt yours now and support The Project continue rebuilding the salmon run on the North Fork of the Newaukum River!

Not a Fan of On-Line Donations?

This button takes you to our Go Fund Me  account. If you would rather contribute in another way please contact us or send a check to:

The Noel Cole Fish & Wildlife Project at

647 Tauscher Rd.

Chehalis WA 98532

or contact us via email below.

Adopt one or adopt a bunch!

Adopt one Coho for $1 each for each member of the family! Let your kids name theirs and receive updates throughout the rearing time, released into the Newaukum on April 1st.

Adopt A School of Salmon

Want to contribute more? Adopt a school of salmon for $25 each school. Sponsor them for a group, classroom, family, or just because! We’ll keep you up to date on happenings at the pond.

Where Does The Money Go?

The pond has been running for 40 years and needs some love. Proceeds from Adopt A Salmon will enable us to make repairs, update our electrical system, improve pathways for Barrier Free Fishing, and pay for the operation of the pump system. Click the button below to read over our Wish List.
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Make sure you share your email address with us so that we can send you an ADOPTION CERTIFICATE. Follow us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NoelColeProject/ to follow along this journey with pictures and videos and upcoming events.

Sample Adoption Certificates


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